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Your employees are your best assets.

As the saying goes, “health is wealth”. When your employees are healthy, they are more alert and attentive, minimizing errors and maximizing their productivity. Group Health insurance offers a suite of wide-ranging products that will safeguard their wellbeing and put your mind at ease. Even while adhering to the strictest safety rules, mishaps and accidents can and will happen. In such an unfortunate event, Group Personal Accident and Workers’ Compensation ensure your employees are fully covered financially.

In the unlikely event of an employee caught on the wrong side of the law, Fidelity Guarantee helps you recover the loss of money or other property due to acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty during the course of their employment. On the other hand, Employer’s Liability protects you against legal liabilities to a third party for bodily injury and property damage arising from your business operations.

Let our consultants find you the most appropriate solutions that will take care of your employees wherever they are.

Protecting every thing you need to succeed.

Make no mistake when it comes to the things you need to run a successful business. In choosing the right location and using the best equipment, you develop a growing reliance and attachment to everything you call your second home. Which is why we have a full suite of business solutions to cover your Office Property, Specific Equipment, and guard against Burglary, Fire, and Theft. Should your commercial interests include company vehicles, we also provide coverage for Vehicle & Boat, so you can focus your energies where you are most needed.

Let our consultants find you the most appropriate solutions that will take care of your business assets, big and small.

Every industry appreciates a job well done.

Marine & Cargo insurance ensures your goods are transported over land, sea, or air, the right way up. When it comes to your specialized equipment for use on sites beyond your charge, Engineering & Construction insurance will see to their protection. If doing small things with great love is more your cup of tea, Light Industry insurance will cover every little detail you put in.

We understand it’s not about what you wear, what you eat, or even what you said yesterday, but if it is something that you do, we have your expertise covered in Retail insurance, Food & Beverage insurance, and Service insurance.

While we are developing new ways to cover more industries, tell us more about what you do and we will design the most appropriate coverage.