Everyone starts life as a beginner.
You just have to start walking,
and learn what you need
along the way.

There’s no wrong way to go. 
A good walking partner 
will make the journey 

So let me share your burden, 
and we’ll travel our road together. 
Let’s look ahead, and live now. 

A Closer Look at Sompony

sensitive ears

that can hear all the way 
through to a person’s heart

red hair

which moves with the wind
of change and directs him
like an antenna

compact legs

for extra stability
on any kind of road

a variety of outfits

to dress up in and make
every new day fun and fresh

a super saddle

to help him carry any size
of burden on his journey

a trust ring

that symbolizes his unbreakable
bond of trust with all humankind

transformation skills

to turn himself into a pony car,
pony plane and more!